You will find all necessary steps for installation here. ↓
Quick Start Installation
To start using OOBENN, you can purchase it from Envato Market.
To start using OOBENN, you have to download it from your Envato downloads page.
Step One
Get your purchase code.
  • Where can I get my purchase code?
    • Login to your Envato account.
    • Go to your downloads page.
    • Beside our product, you can see the download button, click on it, then click on License certificate & purchase code (text). as shown below:
    • oobenn instagram style social networking script
    • For more info on how to get your key, please follow this video
Step Two
Upload the files, and get started
How to upload OOBENN to server?
  • Upload all files/folders located inside "Script" folder to your server. (Don't upload Script folder, upload what inside it) as shown below:
  • Open your browser, (Google Chrome is recommended).
  • Go to http://www.YOURWEBSITE.com/install/
Step Tree
The installation is pretty easy, please follow the steps below
How to install OOBENN?
  • Before we start the installation, please make sure you have the following installed on your server
    • PHP 5.5 +
    • MySQLi Extension
    • Mbstring
    • cURL
    • ZIP
    • allow_url_fopen
  • Installation requirements:
    • I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.
    • Purchase code: Your Envato purchase code.
    • SQL Host name: Your MySQL host name, e.g: localhost
    • SQL Username: Your MySQL username.
    • SQL Password: Your MySQL user password.
    • SQL Database: Your MySQL database name.
    • SubFolderName: If you are installing the script on your subfolder write your Subfolder name here. e.g: oobenn
    • Site URL: Your website URL where you will install the script, examples:
      • http://siteurl.com/
      • http://www.siteurl.com/
      • http://subdomain.siteurl.com/
      • http://localhost
    • Admin Username: Your admin Username
    • Admin Full Name: Your admin Full Name
    • Admin E-mail: Your admin email, ex: name@hotmail.com.
    • Admin Password: Your admin password
What is Next?
If you follow the steps above carefully, the script should be installed on your site, and you are ready to use it!
After the installation is finished, please make sure to delete the folder "install".
Do you have any Questions?
Please contunie to FAQs page for any common questions.